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Agloco is a community which is making money on internet. Using the viewbar, people make money while surfing the internet. Members get's paid for referrals that use viewbar. This is a blog dedicated to making money on internet, and agloco is the best place for making money.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

about this blog

This blog is dedicated to agloco. Become a member of this website, for free.
What is agloco?
Agloco is a company owned by its members. As a member you can refer people, simply give them you referral link and ask them to join. And so on the community builds. Here is a picture of agloco, if you are interested then you can join. Joining is absolutely free.

agloco i own the internet

How do we make money in agloco?
Very simple, just install the view bar, and so will all your referrals do. Then you get commissions on the Internet usage data collected by the viewbar.

agloco view bar

surf internet using agloco view bar

Once you join, read through everything that’s provided on the website. Also keep looking at this blog, as I will be updating it pretty frequently so that you get the latest information.

my referrals in agloco

Remember, once you are in this affiliate industry, and you want to make money seriously, don’t wait. Join and work fast.


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