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Agloco is a community which is making money on internet. Using the viewbar, people make money while surfing the internet. Members get's paid for referrals that use viewbar. This is a blog dedicated to making money on internet, and agloco is the best place for making money.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Great going agloco

Just checked my referrals, and found out that they are actually doing better than me. I can have at most 5 hours per month but then looks like the limit for the referral hours are a lot more than that. This is just great; as I have never though that the referrals will start getting busy from the starting. Also I only use this blog to promote my referrals for agloco, so I guess am not doing to bad actually.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Agloco toolbar has finally launched

Agloco toolbar has finally launched and is running. But then one person can only record 5 hours of surfing time per month, which is pretty low. Anyways, the limit is lot higher for the extended network, and I have already got 10 hours from my referrals surfing.

The viewbar is pretty nice, and has not crashed yet. It took sometime to get the ads running on the bar, but finally everything is all right. Though I was just wondering how the hours are going to convert in money, but then at least everything is smoothly running. Good thing about the referrals are, once you have about 100+ referrals, the extended network just grows automatically. It says am in top 2.8% with members and there referrals, though I guess anything under 1 could mean some big money.

Keep checking the blog, and I will keep you updated from the latest in the world of agloco.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Agloco way to earn money on Internet

The days of the agloco’s viewbar launch is coming closer, it can be just a few weeks away. This is probably the right time to get in this site and start referring now. Since if it absolutely free to join, so I don’t find any reason why we should not join it. Agloco was all advantage before, and it really rocked.

Agloco is a simple way to earn money on internet, it dose not requires you to do any special work, just install the viewbar and surf the web as you are doing now, and you will be paid for this normal activity. Actually when you open a site, and if that site if affiliated with agloco, you get money. Since most of the sites are affiliated and connected with agloco, the earning money becomes too easy for us.

At the moment we are waiting for the launch of the viewbar and once it is launched, we will start earning a lot of money, so just register for free and start earning money on Internet.

You can read some more about the agloco blog here, as the more you know the better it gets.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Paid to surf programe that really pays

how agloco works

Ever scammed by paid to surf programs. Am sure most of you have been scammed. How it feels, surfing for hours sitting on computer, wasting a lot of money and time. Then you know it’s a scam, and you lose all your effort. Do you know why it happens, because you choose the wrong program?

Am going to offer you a site that is not a scam. And most of all it’s free to join. And guess what, it’s just a toolbar, that’s it. You do your regular computer usage, no need to do some extra surfing for the related website. You just get paid for installing the viewbar, simple. Then what is the problem to join, just check it yourself, why other millions are with agloco, and you decide for yourself?

If you want to earn on Internet, if have to trust on someone. Someone, why not me. Just take a try, and see what happens, you have nothing to lose, and if you gain something, it’s your profit.

On Internet, you do anything, say use google, you don’t get anything but google earns from your search. You use orkut, orkut don’t pay you, neither dose myspace and hi5 etc. other social network websites, but they earn out of your work. You may think you have not worked, but they get profit. So why are you wasting your time, join it.

You have waited for this, for a long time now. This is your big day. You have to start somewhere, and I feel if you don’t start now, there will be millions in this site, as members, and you won’t earn much. Be the few who joined it early, this is the way to earn on Internet. When I say early, there has already been millions who joined, and if you still don’t join, then you won’t be able to make anything out of it.

It’s upto you, just see the site and check it out, if you like you join, else leave it. Remember this is your chance.