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Thursday, February 01, 2007

7 Reasons why we should join agloco.

1) It is a member-based company. It’s about your importance as a member of the website. You are the owner of the agloco website, for the part of your contribution to the website.

2) Think what you got when you joined youtube. It’s was finally sold for a billion, but did you earn anything. You earned nothing for your contribution, but the makers who were the owners, get all the money.

3) How many friends you have in orkut, 10-100 or thousands. But did orkut pay you any money. Then why you are working for orkut, for nothing.

4) you earn from referrals. Simply earn money, when people referred by you use the viewbar.

5) So, we have to install the viewbar, actually think viewbar as a free software that you are getting because you are a member.

6) In your profile you get to know where you stand as a member of the website. Am in about 7.50%. And am working to improve it. It’s it nice to have a competition like this. Refer and check your rank, and then get paid for it. Cool!

7) It’s nice that a website care about it’s members. That’s the way I feel.


  • At Monday, March 26, 2007 2:26:00 PM, Blogger Sara Ch. said…

    Nice information piece on agloco. I think YouTube is an excellent example of a site that is user-dependent but offers no monetary advantage. I'm very much looking forward to the viewbar going live.


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