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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Agloco toolbar has finally launched

Agloco toolbar has finally launched and is running. But then one person can only record 5 hours of surfing time per month, which is pretty low. Anyways, the limit is lot higher for the extended network, and I have already got 10 hours from my referrals surfing.

The viewbar is pretty nice, and has not crashed yet. It took sometime to get the ads running on the bar, but finally everything is all right. Though I was just wondering how the hours are going to convert in money, but then at least everything is smoothly running. Good thing about the referrals are, once you have about 100+ referrals, the extended network just grows automatically. It says am in top 2.8% with members and there referrals, though I guess anything under 1 could mean some big money.

Keep checking the blog, and I will keep you updated from the latest in the world of agloco.

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