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Agloco is a community which is making money on internet. Using the viewbar, people make money while surfing the internet. Members get's paid for referrals that use viewbar. This is a blog dedicated to making money on internet, and agloco is the best place for making money.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Paid to surf programe that really pays

how agloco works

Ever scammed by paid to surf programs. Am sure most of you have been scammed. How it feels, surfing for hours sitting on computer, wasting a lot of money and time. Then you know it’s a scam, and you lose all your effort. Do you know why it happens, because you choose the wrong program?

Am going to offer you a site that is not a scam. And most of all it’s free to join. And guess what, it’s just a toolbar, that’s it. You do your regular computer usage, no need to do some extra surfing for the related website. You just get paid for installing the viewbar, simple. Then what is the problem to join, just check it yourself, why other millions are with agloco, and you decide for yourself?

If you want to earn on Internet, if have to trust on someone. Someone, why not me. Just take a try, and see what happens, you have nothing to lose, and if you gain something, it’s your profit.

On Internet, you do anything, say use google, you don’t get anything but google earns from your search. You use orkut, orkut don’t pay you, neither dose myspace and hi5 etc. other social network websites, but they earn out of your work. You may think you have not worked, but they get profit. So why are you wasting your time, join it.

You have waited for this, for a long time now. This is your big day. You have to start somewhere, and I feel if you don’t start now, there will be millions in this site, as members, and you won’t earn much. Be the few who joined it early, this is the way to earn on Internet. When I say early, there has already been millions who joined, and if you still don’t join, then you won’t be able to make anything out of it.

It’s upto you, just see the site and check it out, if you like you join, else leave it. Remember this is your chance.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I have been referring agloco actively

I am with agloco for the last 2 months; I joined agloco on Dec. 23, 2006. Since then I have been referring agloco actively and got a few referrals as well. It says that I have 7.39% of referrals as my rank. The lower it gets the better it is. Also when I joined agloco it’s rank in alexa was around 10 thousand. Now when I look at its rank, it seems to be around 4,666 . It seems that the traffic to agloco is increasing rapidly.

Am still waiting for the viewbar to be launched, once it get launched my earnings will start. Also am pretty curious about it, let’s see how it works. The looks of the bar is pretty cool so I will install the moment I get to install it.

The more the member the more hours it adds, so it’s better that I have a lot of members when the viewbar is launched. Am getting a few members every now and then, pretty happy about it.

I have been trying to get to such a website before, but was pretty un-successful. This one is more or less good. Agloco is spreading every day and its better to join now. When everyone will know about it, then it won’t be easy for anyone to get more referrals. Also the viewbar is limited so the earlier you join, the more are your chances to install the viewbar.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

7 Reasons why we should join agloco.

1) It is a member-based company. It’s about your importance as a member of the website. You are the owner of the agloco website, for the part of your contribution to the website.

2) Think what you got when you joined youtube. It’s was finally sold for a billion, but did you earn anything. You earned nothing for your contribution, but the makers who were the owners, get all the money.

3) How many friends you have in orkut, 10-100 or thousands. But did orkut pay you any money. Then why you are working for orkut, for nothing.

4) you earn from referrals. Simply earn money, when people referred by you use the viewbar.

5) So, we have to install the viewbar, actually think viewbar as a free software that you are getting because you are a member.

6) In your profile you get to know where you stand as a member of the website. Am in about 7.50%. And am working to improve it. It’s it nice to have a competition like this. Refer and check your rank, and then get paid for it. Cool!

7) It’s nice that a website care about it’s members. That’s the way I feel.